E9.0 Subsystem processing time


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Hi all

I have a subsystem that kicks off to process TMS data
In the Initialise section I get UTC time, in the end on a Level Break footer on SHPN I get UTC again and write the start and end times to an audit table.

I am seeing the time difference often be 1 - 2 seconds, so it's pretty quick. But even though the version is set to Wait every 500ms the records in my audit are always 10 seconds apart!!!
22/12/20 10:26:57 (UTC)22/12/20 10:26:57 (UTC)
22/12/20 10:27:09 (UTC)22/12/20 10:27:10 (UTC)
22/12/20 10:27:22 (UTC)22/12/20 10:27:22 (UTC)
22/12/20 10:27:34 (UTC)22/12/20 10:27:34 (UTC)
22/12/20 10:27:46 (UTC)22/12/20 10:27:47 (UTC)
22/12/20 10:27:59 (UTC)22/12/20 10:27:59 (UTC)
22/12/20 10:44:13 (UTC)22/12/20 10:44:16 (UTC)
22/12/20 10:46:46 (UTC)22/12/20 10:46:47 (UTC)
22/12/20 12:16:22 (UTC)22/12/20 12:16:23 (UTC)
22/12/20 12:31:10 (UTC)22/12/20 12:31:11 (UTC)
22/12/20 12:32:01 (UTC)22/12/20 12:32:02 (UTC)
22/12/20 12:37:03 (UTC)22/12/20 12:37:04 (UTC)
22/12/20 12:42:17 (UTC)22/12/20 12:42:18 (UTC)
22/12/20 12:42:43 (UTC)22/12/20 12:42:44 (UTC)
So what is my subsystem doing for 10 seconds? As there was a massive list of W records on F986113
It was my understanding that subsystems don't need to GET the specs from the server like UBES do before they start processing, as they are a subsystem. Am I wrong there?

I can't explain the throughput to my manager on why the gaps are always 10 seconds.




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A subsystem job is just essentially a UBE that runs in a loop with each iteration pulling its report interconnect variables and other parms from the F986113. There should be no more than a small latency between the last iteration (job) completing and the next waiting one starting.

I think your best bet is to enable debugging on the subsystem job and see what it is doing for those 10 seconds. While the job (runube) process will not have to spawn each time a subsystem job runs, all the section logic will execute and not just the one you have instrumented with start and end times.


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Yeah, that's why I chose a subsystem Vs a coded launch of a UBE to process the shipment.
The start time is in the init section and the end time in the lvl bk footer on shpn.

So there shouldn't be too much else this subsystem is doing.

Strangely looking back at the timings, it did used to be 3 seconds!
Which IS 1 second processing 2 seconds wait.

So I'm not sure what's changed. Definitely not the code :(


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The answer to this

If you forgot to switch the Suppress UBE Output tick box in the main UBE menu (for the subsystem UBEVERS), each time the SBS ends it overwrites it's PDF in the print queue.
Switching this off removes the time the UBE spends after it's finished processing
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