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Subsystem Job Processing

Mike Mackinnon

Well Known Member
We occasionally (seldom!) have problems with our MRP subsystem job processing not finishing (stuck 'In Process' but not really processing) and causing our nightly job stream to not complete. During some investigation into this I see a couple fields in the F986113 table that have values in them that appear to not be setup in the UDC values associated with that DD definition. Those fields are:


I see values in the table that do not exist in the UDCs. The values "W" and "R" from the table are not in UDC 98/CR and the value "R" does not exist in the UDC 98/JS.
I am just trying to trouble shoot this and wondering if these have any impact on the subsystem MRP processing. I don't think this is causing the UBE to fail but just trying to see if this has any relevance or if it should be setup.