Subsystem and cache - do they cache FY date patterns?



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Hi list,

I have had an odd situation today with an EDI subsystem that creates POs in PY.

It's goal is to create PO with a next number from the DCT FY CO F00021 setup so all POs start 15nnnnnn (this year)

What I found was the subsystem was actually creating POs with 14nnnnn but manual runs of the exact same UBE would correctly produce 15nnnn DOCOs

I took a log of the manual UBE and then got CNC to relaunch the SBS with logging on. Sent in a signal and it worked! DOCO = 15nnnnn

So I have deduced that the SBS must be caching the FY pattern info somewhere?
How can I check this and is it a good idea to cache such sensitive info



Have a look at the document below on the Oracle Support website:

E1: ENV: Frequently Asked Questions on Caching in EnterpriseOne [ID 944015.1]
Wow, that's some read.

I understand the reason for cache, quicker job execution etc) but I don't like it. It's so open to issues like the one described above.

Is everyone else following the recommended list in F98613 here? Or is it a case by case basis. If you have subsystems and you don't frequently restart them, then they may never pick up you new config in some of the tables mentioned

We have 59 entries in the F98613. I can't remember if we removed any, and I doubt we added any.
Would you mind me asking what the row count and memory values are for your UDC type tables please?

These tables would probably have the default value, but they are both Memory 50000 and Rows 50.