Substitute Items


Yesterday I posted a question regarding the commitment of a substitute item
when parts list is attached on a work order. The programs where these
options are selected are P48013 and P 31410. We thought we made the correct
option selections yet could not get the system to automatically commit the
substitute item when the other item was not available. Turns out we did.
The problem wasn't us, it was because the source in JDFSRC doesn't
acknowledge the existence of such an option!!! (In the code it should be
option 20. Its not there.) JDE could not reproduce the problem.
Apparently, that's because they have different source than we do. Now I
am asking for a copy of their source so we can enter the correct code. It
appears too that this was listed as a SAR in Knowledge Garden, but JDE
indicated they could not reproduce the problem. Gosh I wonder why?

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