Submitted Jobs


In Xe (don't know about previous versions), when we want to look at submitted jobs, we run the program P986116.

The problem is, it takes our users to the rather confusing screen that says Submitted Jobs (Work with servers), where we have to click find, double click the data source, and then it takes them to their submitted jobs.

Almost all of our users are thin client, and therefore go to the same data source. Does anyone know a way that we can somehow create a version where we can supply the data source as a defalut value, so that when the users click the submitted jobs icon, they actually go to the screen that contains their submitted jobs?


One would copy the existing P986116 (or create a brand new Interactive Application), under a name such as PSUBJOBS :)
Next, looking into P986116, Form Work With Servers' Server Jobs menu's ER, one couldn't stop to notice:
A- a call to F986110 DS OVERRIDE where the:
1 - Datasource Name is -> (passed in)to the Database Path, followed by a
B-call P986110B, ver W986110BA, where you pass in:
1 - the ServerName &
2 - the P(rocessing)O(ption) SecurityFlag
One could hard code these parameters, with appropriate values, the result being what the user is wanting: taking them DIRECTLY to the Submitted Jobs Screen :)

One wishes you Good Luck!

LIVE: B732.1 SP12.2, Oracle 806
SANDBOX: Xe SP15 & Update1, Oracle 8i
RS/6000, Citrix
were u able to resolve the work sub job issue on HTML ? do u know of a way to change the link to look at the custom app?