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E9.1 Submit with RD option checked for Standard UBE versions


Hi Everyone,

We have noticed 'Submit with Report Definition' checked for many standard UBEs versions(example R43500, custom , Standard XJD* versions).

Select the report version from BV and go to From exit , Advanced 'Submit with Report Definition' checked .

As business team this option should not be enabled for many standard reports(example R43500). We dont have exact number of reports where this option got enabled .

Is there any way to check how this option got enabled and date on which this got enabled, reason for which this got enabled ?



Active Member
I think it will not impact if you dont have a RD behind that version even if it is checked . The other as mentioned , not many users go to advanced , just data selection prompt for values and done .


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In Batch Versions, for a version where this appears, click 'version detail' (I think) and on that screen I think there is an advanced form exit that lets you hard-wire Report Defs for BIP to report versions. That box is checked when someone has done this to a version.
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