Subforms Randomly Go Away - Cache Issues?


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Hi All - and happy today,

Recently we have had several PowerForms where one of the subforms goes MIA.

A user can be working on a form all morning - then they open the same form and the subform(s) are missing. Nothing, on the system/deployments have changed.

Any random thoughts?

I have never seen this happen... or at least our users have never reported this to my knowledge. What tools release?
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Oddities galore...

We dropped one of the roles from a user, and all of a sudden their subform was back in view. Another user has the original security (inclusive of the role we dropped for user-a) and has no problems with the screen.

Side-Note (probably unrelated) - we are seeing quite a few #WatchList notifications in our logs. To my knowledge we do not have (should not have) any watchlists active. Is there some sort of global setting to curb watchlists, completely?

Thanks for any thoughts.