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Structure of Report


Sorry if these questions is a bit obvious or have been covered before but I
am an experienced World programmer getting my head around OneWorld and none
of the manuals,courses, books etc. tell me how to do things I want to do.
So if anyone knows any stuff that is available for World programmers moving
to OW I would be grateful.

Anyhow here is my problem. I have to reproduce a report that we use on
World a lot which shows the status of a property (a cost centre) with
regard to any leases it has. Now we must know if a property has a current
lease but also if it does not. In World a sub program reads the cost
centre, then the program finds if there is any current lease for that unit
of the cost centre or not. This is then put into a temporary file which is
then the primary for the dream writer to be sorted and totalled at will.
The temporary file is then dumped when the report is finished.

Now I have tried for days to rewrite the report in OW and have the
following questions:

1. Temporary file. Doesn't seem to work in OW unless I use a file keyed on
jobnumber and delete all records at the end of the report. Any other way?

2. Sections. If I view the F0006/F1507 and then read for the leases I am
fetching and looping a lot in the Do section. Is this the right way to do
it or should I call a subsection with a view over the leases selected by
the cost centre required (requiring me to create a large number of
variables to pass data between sections)?

3. Business View. I would like to do all the work in the busines view and
not have a work file but I need to link the F0006 equally with the Unit
Master (F1507) and then an outer join the the lease file (F15017) so that I
get all the F006 records and the F15017 records if they exist. But I can't
seem to get the outer join in the design I need I only get equal joins!

Any help would be must aprreciated (sorry about the length).
Ian Sewell

'Deep in the human unconscious is a pervasive need for a logical universe
that makes sense. But the real universe is always one step beyond logic'
Paul Muad'Dib