Strange JDE behavior -- possibly after Windows Updates


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Starting yesterday, we have had numerous reports from our end users that JDE was not behaving as it normally would.
One user couldn't copy a grid cell value like they normally could.
Other users had different results in Time Entry (P051121), where they get different results if they tab out of a field vs. clicking on the row below.
Still other users have had problems entering a request date into PO Entry (P4310) in Detail Revisions.

I suspect it may be due to a Windows update that came out this week, and was wondering if any other users are seeing similar behaviors.
our users are having similar problems. The cause is Microsoft KB4041676 update from October 10th. Does anyone know if Microsoft is going to release a fix for this? We uninstalled this update and it started working properly!


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We found Microsoft updates KB4040685 and KB4041681 to be the culprits. It looks like Microsoft released a bunch more updates today -- maybe some "fixes for the fixes"! These were updates on end user computers.


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We also had problems with KB4041678 on Windows 7 workstations.

So the current list, with Mario's addition are:
Windows 7 - KB4040685, KB4041681 and KB4041678
Windows 10 - KB4041676

Update: I've reported this to Oracle support, and they verified that at least one of these Windows updates causes issues, and have created bug # 26970405.
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Thanks for all the information.
I was thinking there should be a fix by Microsoft instead of Oracle as there will be lots of ESUs for different module and area or it is too early to say.




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I don't know if Oracle will issue any fixes, but at least I wanted them to be aware of the issue in case anyone else runs into similar symptoms.


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I received an update on my SR from Oracle support late yesterday letting me know that they have a POC fix available for this issue. It is very rare to see a 6-day turnaround and get a POC fix, so it's clear to me that Oracle is taking this very seriously.
The bug number is 26970405 and, if you are affected (or think you may be), you may want to create an SR with Oracle support and request a POC (one-off) fix for this issue. You will have to answer the usual 10-12 questions and upload a few files from your web servers.
Hello all,
thx for this information very interesting post,
In JDE 9.1 / IE11 , In france, we have too some stranges things with workstations and JDE , sometimes the value in JDE are not the same, we can see some 42 millions values in cells , but users write a different value :O
it appears sometimes...
We can resolve that with sometimes a reboot of the user computer, and sometimes with a web server reboot .... but the problem appears again.... and sometimes some more informations in rows are not the good ones :O
well well well, i have strange "phenomena" and your posts seems like talking to me :D DO you think it s possibly a problem with this KB ?

Best regards,

Ayoros Knight