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Strange DD issue


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We encountered the strangest DD issue ever.

One of the developers created 4 custom DD items and enquired on a STATUS DD item as well . However , the developer does not remember if he had cancelled out of the DD App or OKed out after inquiring on a STATUS alias.

But the next min all the users of the DV environment saw all or most fields on the different Apps showing 'STATUS' on the description . PY and PD was not touched.

Has anyone seen this occurrence ever? Atleast I haven't in the last 15+ yrs on JDE thou.

(Our Sql team however restored the F9200 and F9202 from the last database backup and we are all good now)

Would like to know if anyone else had the same issue in the past?


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Sheeba - the developer almost certainly clicked "ok" - and modified the Data Dictionary. By modifying the F9200 and F9202 records, the changes almost immediately propagated everywhere.

A suggestion is to take away the "ok" button from all but a Data Dictionary Administrator - that way, data dictionary changes have to be properly made through a separate channel, in effect a type of "segregation of duties" approach from Data Dictionary items.

Either that or ensure your developers are a LOT more careful. Luckily Data Dictionary wasn't being shared in Production in this instance (which standard E1 does).