Storing part numer / serialized components as part of serialized assembly


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JDE E1 9.1.5

As an equipment manufacturer, we have a need to track serialized components that go into a larger assembly having its own serial number. Explored lot control - but it requires too many inventory movement / storage requirements. Ideally we want to barcode scan components, then assembly serial tag.

End goal is to be able to know assembly 12345 was built using component with serial number 5678.

What do you mean by too many inventory movement/storage requirements?

Normally you would use lot control and manufacturing work orders to create the assembled item and then service management to create the equipment record once the serialised item is shipped. If you use a mobile application with scanning to drive the process then it can be a fairly simple exercise. Don't know your business so there could be complexities in there such as the need for configurator etc...
Ask in the applications section as I'm pretty sure this is what E1 does if setup to do so correctly.
We've decided not to use base E1 to do that here and have build extra tables outside of E1. Drives me mental, but it was before I joined :)
My understanding of lot processing is that the lot must be assigned at receipt, and then tracked with any inventory movement. We would prefer to have the components remain as part numbers only in the system until installed onto the main assembly. At that time, record the serialized components with the main assembly. Later, customer service needs to perhaps know the specific serial number of component for service or warranty.

We build farm equipment, so perhaps asking "how do I know which engine and transmission were used to make this tractor?" would be appropriate.

The easiest way to achieve what you want would be with a mobile solution on the shop floor. Assuming you use work orders to assemble your tractors and example process would be:

Scan work order -> select to part to be issued -> scan/enter serial number

The JDE transactions that would occur would be an inventory reclassification to move the part from blank lot to serialised lot and then a work order issue to book the serialised item to the work order. You would then complete the serialised tractor off the work order when assembly has finished.

In terms of warranty, if the tractors is the service item then you would probably want to provide a convenient way to display all of the serialised ingredients to the assembly work order. As you're on 9.1.5 tools you could do this fairly simply using Cafe One so that they can see all of the required info on a single page.
I'll look into Café One. Are you suggesting the data created by the mobile solution would be viewable in a JDE window simultaneously with our "typical" information? That would be great! Any recommendation of mobile solution?
Yes, CafeOne allows you to display information from other sources based on the information being displayed in the JDE form. So for example, if you're looking at an equipment record in service management you could display the components that were used for assembly on the same page using CafeOne.

In terms of mobility, we're an integration and mobile solutions company so obviously our recommendation would be for our own products. We delivery solutions globally to customers in a number of different industries so if you want more information then feel free to shoot me a message.