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Storing files in DB starting from Tools 9.2.1.x - multifoundation

Does anyone have real-life experience promoting regular (non-UDO) OMW objects in multi-foundation environment when one path code is on 9.2.0.x or earlier Tools release and another one is 9.2.1.x or later ?
Do you have to do any special accommodations, or regular OMW promotions work just fine ?

The reason I ask is because as per Oracle "All Object Librarian type records are inserted into a database repository." Starting from 9.2.1 tools
At first I thought this is only related to BSFNs and tables, since UBEs/APPs/DSTR are already stored in Central Objects tables, but now I just discovered they mention “all objects”. Does it mean F98741 etc tables are not used anymore? Or they just added F98780R table as a repository?
Further reading suggests that in case of APPS etc it change is only relevant for res type of objects, so I guess F9874x etc spec tables are still used. It would be nice to confirm.
PS I know there was a major change in UDO promotion in Tools 9.2.x, but thankfully that migration is behind us.
Apps 9.1, Tools , considering going to
MS-SQL 2014 / Windows / WLS 12.1.3


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They added F98780R/H tables as repository/history tables. F9874x are still used. I found in a multifoundation situation, OMW transfer from 9.2.0.x to 9.2.1.x was not inserting objects into the R/H tables and neither were successive full/update builds. Oracle suggested either checkout/checkin of those objects in the 9.2.1.x pathcode after transfer to add the objects to the repository or reset the F00942T/EMDBSRCFLG flag and run a full build if there were a large number of objects.