Stored Procedures in B7331#2


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After reading my previous post I have concluded that not enough information was given. What I am trying to do is take 2 JDE Tables and use Seagate Crystal Reports to get information from the tables. The problem is there is about 450,000 records in the database that Crystal Reports has to sort through and perform calculations that take up a lot of space. My thought was to use a stored procedure to eliminate the individual computer from having to do all the sorting and calculations by having it already calculated and sorted on the server. Has anyone out there done this before.


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Do you need to perform calculations/sums on all 450,000 rows or do you have a select statement that narrows things down significantly from there?

How complex are the calculations?

Are you using grouping in your report? If yes are you letting the server/database handle it?

What I'm getting at is that maybe you don't need a stored procedure. Crystal is happy to let the database perform sorting and grouping if you let it.

If your conditions for data selection need to be based on a formula/calculation then you should investigate creating a database view which joins the two tables togther into one logical table and that contains virtual columns which are your formula or calculation fields. Point your Report to drive off the view.

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