Stopping Call object kernel from accepting new user request

All, We have a situation where a rogue process creates an infinite loop and causes call object kernel to grows continuously to over 2 GB . Once it reaches 2 GB limitation ( Linux limitation on file size), it stops writing to the log file and the kernel becomes hung. At that time, call object kernel stops accepting any new connections and we have to terminate the kernel. Is there a way to stop a particular COK from accepting the new sessions and to continue to work on old user requests only.

Currently, We have a way to identify the issue, but then we have to wait for it to reach 2gb Limitation and then we have to wait for all session to complete it works before killing the kernel.


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Not knowing your tools release cannot comment specifically , but have you tried the recycle kernel option from Server Manager. Go into the kernel detail and there is an option called recycle kernel. In theory it will do what you want it to do - stop accepting new connections , but let currently attached users finish their work.

Then you can notify those users to log out and log in again and they should go to a different kernel.