Stop Section Processing


Hi all,

As with SP14.1, in RDA you can't use system function "Stop Section
Processing" in the "INITIALIZE SECTION" or the "ADVANCE SECTION" Event
Rules(for reports developed under SP13.1 this was possible and when applying
SP14 or 16, the following happen: under SP14.1 it will just ignore the "Stop
Section Processing" system function, while under SP16.1 it will give you a
violation error). Needless to say JDE didn't inform us about this change.
How do you get around that? Did anybody successfully stopped a section from
processing under SP14 or SP16? The place we can put the "Stop Section
Processing" is in the "DO SECTION". By the time this ER is reached, some
processing already occurred for the section(the function is called here but
is a little bit too late).

Do you know of another way of Stopping a section from processing? In our
case, we have a couple of sections that are processing if certain conditions
are met. As these sections require a lot of Processing time, it is quite
critical to stop them from processing when those conditions are not met.

Adrian Oanta
Hi Adrian,
Maybe my suggestion is not applicable for you but who knows.
Make your sections Conditional and create a driver section (invisible) which checks the criteria and call the sections using Do Custom Section system function when it is required.

Hope, could work for you.


B7332 SP11, ESU 4116422, Intel NT4, SQL 7 SP1
(working with B7321, B7331, XE too)
Hi Zoltan,

Forgot to mention - my sections are tabular - so I can't make them
conditional(driver section would have been great but I can't make a tabular
conditional). That's also some heads up for people implementing SP16 -
reports using the Stop Section Processing will crash after implementing SP16
(We had to back it out and now we are modifying some of the custom reports
to "accommodate" SP16.

Also, forgot my system configuration.
Xe, SP14, UNIX, Oracle 8.1.7

Just as a note. We installed SP16 and had the problem with the
stop-section issue as well. We installed the one off (SP_011) and the
issue was resolved. (at least in that department).


Xe, SP16, SP16_011, SP_016, SP_018, Update2
NT, SQL7, WTS/Metaframe 1.8

Xe, Update2, SP16
NT/SP6a, SQL7/SP3, WTS/Metaframe 1.8
We installed the one-off as well but it didn't fix it. Did you have it for a
tabular report and was your system function used in the ADVANCE SECTION or

Perry: what I am trying right now is exactly what you suggested - have an if
statement at the beginning of the INITIALIZE ER. The issue is a little bit
more complicated though: In my INITIALIZE section, I have a lot of SET USER
SELECTION system functions (and I can stop them from processing by having an
If statement at the beginning of the INITIALIZE ER). However, my section is
made of a couple of Smart fields that I would like to prevent from
processing - as well as the logic associated with them. Having an if
statement in the column inclusion rule for each Smart Field would be
impractical(high maintenance as well as bad programming style). So I will
try to use the Stop Section Processing system function in the DO SECTION.


Xe, SP14.1, UNIX, Oracle 8.1.7
I installed the one-offs for a particular integrity report the users
required (R04711). The function is in the initialize section of the
Don't get me wrong, this one-off looks like it is now causing
problems with the F0911 Euro conversion on our testing, so it is not


Xe, SP16, SP16_011, SP_016, SP_018, Update2
NT, SQL7, WTS/Metaframe 1.8

Xe, Update2, SP16
NT/SP6a, SQL7/SP3, WTS/Metaframe 1.8