Status job in 'S' in WSJ


Hello people.

I have a problem when a submitted job stays in status 'S', and does not advance to the next status 'W', I already tried to force execution through update in the database.

Has anyone ever faced this type of job crash run?

Thank you.


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You on XE / pre-B9? -- used to be a jdequeue process would move to "s" and then spec install happened for your version. Then jdequeue kicked off a runbatch. On your server, find the log for the runbatch the hard way (since it isn't in WSJ) and see if you can get a clue.


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Please always include your version/platform/tools release.

That being said. The submitting process is the one that sets the 'S' status, after that the UBE itself sets the running, Error, and Done statuses. I'd check to see if the process failed immediately (before it had the chance to change it to running)



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Is this a scheduler kernel job with an expired password? Is this IBMi with expired credentials for a proxy user profile? More details really would help. Do other jobs run by other users? etc.