Status Activity Rule


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Hello there

We have a another environment called HR and when status change to promote to PD, object changes in the PD and HR environments.
i would like to change the HR environment activity rule same as PY meaning if status change to 26 the objects should change in HR and PY

Note: we dont have any development going on so assume it would be simple.

Thanks in advance
Hi Ad,

If I understood the case properly. As of now, when you move the project to status X, then it goes in PD and HR and going forward you want to change to status Y and it can go to PY and HR.

If this is the case then you need to go to P98230 application and in Activity Rules there, create new entries for HR where you have for PY - which you can copy from PD and then disable for PD.

You may also need to check the owners who can do the promotions accordingly.