<[email protected]:body?><?end body?> is not working even though user breaks

<[email protected]:body?><?end body?> is not working even though user breaks

Hi i am developing invoice template. In the header section i am able to create invoice no,invoice date,all bill to ,ship to address, while coming to lines section i am able to print 20 line of items information. The header section should repeat in all pages.in the last page at bottom section subtotals, shipping instructions and grand totals should print. this is also done.

But when we give some range of invoices like 10500324 to 10500329. The Template is not working.

it is working fine for single invoices.

I struck at <[email protected]:body?><?end body?> is not working for the last page bottom section details. in the individual invoice it is working but in range of invoices not working. the bottom section details are placed in side the table earlier it was place out of the table.

Please advice how to solve this issue.