Standard Data Dictionary Updates from Oracle?



Is there a list, if any, of data dictionary items that have been changed from 8.11 to 9.1?

For example if a DD length was changed.



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You can use the Application Configuration Analyzer:

Provides a set of new reports which identify differences between releases or environments for
Processing Options, Data Dictionary and User Defined Codes (UDCs).
Change: Added in Release Tools 9.1.2
Status: Available Type: Feature Industry:
Benefits: 1. Reduces the time and effort to verify that customer created application configurations have
been preserved during the upgrade process.
2. Quickly validates that application configurations are the same between two environments and identify
any differences.
Examples: A business process executes differently in the Production and Testing environments. The
Application Configuration Analyzer quickly identifies that Processing Options values for a specific
application is different in the Production environment than in the Test environment.


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The Application Configuration Analyzer (ACA) is a tool that was introduced with applications release 9.1 and Tools Release 9.1.2. ACA will generate reports to identify differences between environments or data sources for: Processing Options, Data Dictionary items, and User Defined Codes. Comparing these between two environments or data sources is helpful for upgrades as an audit type tool or for helping to diagnose an issue that occurs in one environment but not another.

The Application Configuration Analyzer reports (UBEs) are available with EnterpriseOne application release 9.1 and Tools Release 9.1.2. Installation of Bug 13652147 is required. The UBEs can be accessed on the Software Compare Tools menu (GH96111) or from Batch Versions as:

Compare Data Dictionary (R969200N)
Compare User Defined Codes (R960004N)
Compare Versions (R983051N)


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Wow great. That looks like great tool.

I get error and I guess as you mentioned there is Bug fix need to apply. I get xml error and invalid template.