Standalone SPC


If somebody know how to get the Software Protection Code of the One World Stand Alone version, please let me know.

The SPC-program can be downloaded from the Knowledge Garden.


B7332 / XE / NT4 / SQL 7 / VisualStudio 6 SP5
FROM Knowledge Garden:

Getting a OneWorld Authorization Code

Please Note: If you are an employee or a business partner, you can receive a stand alone demo junior code from the Knowledge Garden. You can also obtain SPC codes by contacting the OneWorld Authorization line by phone:

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Call your local Global Support Services Center or call 1-800-289-2999. Select the option for SPC codes, enter your employee or customer number, and select the option for Software Protection Codes.

We ask that you please provide the following information:

Your address book number.
The security revision number on the screen. Remember to leave this screen active until you speak with someone from the Authorization line.
The generated serial number. (Hints: It can be difficult to distinguish a letter I from a number 1. The number 1 will have a flag at the top and the letter I will be a straight up and down line. Also watch the letter o and zeros. The number 0 is thinner than the letter O. Leave the code using the phonetic alphabet. )
Expiration date.
You phone number, including area code and country code.
Whether this is a Standalone or Live install

There is a downloadable program to automatically provide the codes. It used to be limited to employees and business partners. If you have access to KG and the rights to do so, from KG home page: Product/One World/Support/SPC codes/SPC code application.


I tried it on Xe Standalone and it didn't work :(

LIVE: B732.1 SP12.2, Oracle 806, FormScape 2.1
SANDBOX: Xe SP15 & Update2, Oracle 8i
RS/6000, Citrix
I found ott-01-0093 on the KG; it deals with errors with Standalone Xe when using SPC Code Application.

LIVE: B732.1 SP12.2, Oracle 806, FormScape 2.1
SANDBOX: Xe SP15 & Update2, Oracle 8i
RS/6000, Citrix