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Stanadalone 9.20 install help


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Hi Friends,

I get the attached error while installing DB Engine.
I installed JDE 108, Web Logic, DB Client ( 12c) and next step to install DB Engine couldn't succeed.

Appreciate your help! Thanks in advance!!



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Thanks Jon....Yes, I did install 32bit Oracle client.

"Ended with error 255"....don't really know what that means.


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What Operating system version are you trying to install on.

[FONT=&quot]Error code "255" usually means that it is not able to find the file you are asking it to execute. "call" is usually used inside batch or command files and not directly as an exectuable. Sounds like the script might be having an issue. Hence need to know what OS Version you're trying to install.[/FONT]


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Do you have weblogic 12c installed for middleware / local JAS? If you have so, clean that install up. Uninstall all middleware stuff and retry the install.
Install WLS after you install OEE.