ST/OT throwing UOM conversion error.

Abir Mannan

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We are trying to do an ST / OT from branch A to B for Company 50 for the Item 1234. We are using P4210 (STOT version, transfer is turned on in Processing option)

As soon as you add the Item to the detail lines, we get an invalid UOM error. I’ve deleted all UOMs, and readded them. I’ve copied an existing item’s UOMs, and I’ve even tried different items… They’re all acting the same.
I can use this same item and do a P4210 (non STOT version) Simple SO Sales Order and I do not get the UOM conversion error.

Anny idea?
i have attached the error and the UOM setup.


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Are you maybe triggering Transportation (check if ST or OT appear in UDC 49/SD)
Try creating a purchase order with the item in the destination branch using P4310. This will help you show where the error is (the error is most likely created when it tries to generate a purchase order from the ST order)

Possibly you have a purchasing UoM defined for the item but no UOM conversion from primary to purchasing UoM?

Hope this helps