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OW b7322 sp12.2 SQL 6.5 hotfix 423

We have a 'suspect' JDE sql database and cannot connect to Central Objects.
Has anyone out there, ever had this before? Do you know the cause?

We're working with Microsoft but wanted to see if anyone has had a similar

By the way, I'd rather just pass on the comments about upgrading, et al,
it's in the works but right now I have to address this very urgent issue!

Toni Nanneman
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as i am sure that microsoft has told you by now to delete the data base and restore from tape. i ran into this problem a year or so ago when i was on 6.5 and then found my backup software (seagate at that time) had corrupted all of my backups. such fun.
in my case i had to do something that microsoft will not recommend. i found a way to unmark that "suspect" data base. luckily it worked out okay for me.
if you would like me to dig out the procedure i will be happy to do so.
ps: best of luck

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