SPS Commerce and EDI


Hi Guys,
We are starting to work with SPS commerce for out EDI business. Recently they provided 850 layout, which was in single quote as double quote as qualifiers with LineFeed (LF) on the end.
The problem with such a text file is that it doesn't specify whether each line is Header/Detiail or additional information at the begining of each lin. The record type, denoting the kind of record is in the middle which is not same for Header, detail and additional information.
Has someone come across such a scenario? I tried Table Conversion to read the line in multiple format, but that one cannot do as it designates the first character as Header, Detail etc.
Single format doesn't work either as it fails.

So how can you read a text file in JDE batch or table conversion which is separated by comma, double quotes as qualifiers and LF?

Any suggestion would be appreciated.

Use flat file functions to read. Write logic in your report to parse the information based on qualifiers and separators.