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Spelling and Grammar: are we that lazy?

Adam (DF)

Active Member

[/ QUOTE ] == someone?

I am so sorry. I aim to be kind about it, but that does not mean I have to tolerate it. Is this stuff getting on anyone else's nerves? Furthermore, is it time we started calling it out or am I overreacting?

Bill Dotson

Reputable Poster
I find it annoying when people use text message shortcuts when there's no need, such as on these forums. There's no 140 character limit here, thus no need to abbreviate everything (most annoying: U for "you," UR for "you are"). In my mind, using text message abbreviations makes the writer look lazy, or worse, unable to compose even informal prose. Worse yet, though, is hearing someone say "LOL" as a substitute for actually laughing out loud.

BTW, FWIW, and IANAL, we're probably both overreacting. LOL.

Adam (DF)

Active Member
...Worse yet, though, is hearing someone say "LOL" as a substitute for actually laughing out loud.

[/ QUOTE ]

You're serious aren't you! You actually heard someone do this, and it wasn't on Saturday Night Live!


Legendary Poster
Hi Adam, Bill & JDEList Members,

I totally agree with both of you, although my Englis is not the best.
JDEList is not a chat-room, but is a professional Forum.

Generally I do not use JDE abbreviation (e.g. OBJ, BSVW, etc.) too, when I mention this first time in my, just later in the post.



Chan Rana

Legendary Poster
I think for the standard abbrevations we should be fine with, except the chat short forms.

After all this is JDE site so i assume that the user will know what JDE is and other short forms we use in the system.