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Specs on Server


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I have a new issue that I thought I would bounce off the group. I had a report that 'went bad' in production, it looked like the specs for the report on the enterprise server were not good as the report runs perfectly fine locally. I checked out the template/version to the client, re-ran it locally, ok. Ran it on the server, bad. I created a server update package, deployed, retested, still bad on the server. There were no issues with the package build that I can see, and all of the spec files that should have been updated have the new date/time stamp of the latest deployment.
I would think that after a deployment, those specs should have gotten replaced/fixed with the merge, but could the entire spec files associated with this report be suspect? Should I rebuild the specs and tamftp them up, or are there any other ideas?

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B733.2 SP14.1, NT/SP6a, SQL7/SP3


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Hi John,

Just redeploy the last full package if it is not too old or rebuild a full.
I just had the spec problem on the enterprise, it happen because one client
machine was still at 11.3. So, everytime he submitted a job, he corrupted
the specs.


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Although I am not a CNC administrator but I know by our experiences that the best and safest way is to build end deploy a full package after you have detected such type of error with spec corruption.

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(working with B7321, B7331, XE too)