Special Report logic.Help needed urgently


Hi Experts,

I have a requirement where I need to use purchase order detail table F4311 and display the count of purchase order for a month range(This will be specified in processing option).
I need to categorize that purchase order into six categories whose AEXP falls in the specified range(AEXP ranges will also be specified in processing option)
For eg: If I enter in Proc option two AEXP values i.e. 100 and 500,then report should display a range where the count of DOCO's less than 100,100-500and >500 are displayed in three categories.I can do this report if user specifies only one month.If more than 1 month is specified<, I am unable to think of the logic.
Need some expert solution. I have applied sequencing on DOCO and level break on same.
I need to display count of DOCOs for that particular months and display it along with AEXP categorizing.

Abhishek Chhajer

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What is the complexity with One month or two months or any? If you can do it for one month than it should be applicable for any date range. This will be part of your data selection only.
Rest logic will be same to same.


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You can always make this report a simple BI publisher excel template, then you will end with an excel dump of F4311 and there you can manipulate easily or also build a dynamic table for presenting the results



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Are you using PC variables in the level break? that could explain why only one month works

If you use BC values, it will be wrong. Maybe that's the issue ?

BC = Current record record
PC = Previous record read

Maybe your code is only seeing/using the one?