SP16 and User Overrides


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I have just put SP16 on in readiness for going to V5R1 and after clearing
out all the user overrides as per JDE instructions I now have some clients
that can create overrides while others can't and this results in a good old
Dr. Watson error. Bypassing Dr. Watson gives OLEChannelWnd: Oexplore.exe.
Application error.

Process of elimination shows that it must be down to the client. Anyone got
any ideas?

Graham Jones
JDE Systems Manager
[email protected]

B7332 SP16 / AS400 V4R4 (CO on AS400) / Fat clients NT4

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Hi Graham,

Have you put on V5R1 yet? Did it go well? Any Gotcha's you could tell me about?

I'd appreciate anything you could tell me.

I'm looking at going there soon. I am also on SP16 with Xe.

Thanks, Lori


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Hi Lori,

Not much to report as V5R1 went on smoothly enough and has been running OK. Now, if you asked me my opinion of SP16 then that's another story.