SP15_1 Danger!!!


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Hi List,

We have had a big problem, due to install the SP15_1 in B7331, this SP
doesn't work with several reports, and the jdenet_n and jdenet_k processes don't translate to SQL right code, so we had a problem with currency, decimals, and so on.

So, we decided to return to SP10, this action solved all our problems, and now my question is:
We built a Full Package for Euro Conversion, and this package was built with SP15_1, so, Do we need to re-build the package again because of the SP's change, or it doesn't matter the SP change?.
Thank you in advance.


Yes, you have to rebuild the package. Don't forget to include foundation in
the package. For more detail check the documentation. :)

Regards, Alexander Shevchenko

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We are working with SP15.1 just fine.....

JD Nowell
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We are also on SP15.1 with the one-off 009 and so far it seems to work okay but it didn't solve our problem with the invoice caused by sp15.

Richard Stam
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Yes indeed, troubles encountered with AS/400 V4R5 XE;

After applying SP15.1 .pdf's created on AS/400 were formatted incorrectly (some columns overlapping, some wrong fonts used), also when opening .pdf received Acrobat Reader error 'The Font Arial MT contains bad/flags'. (Used Acrobat Reader 4.05 and 5.0).

Next tried SP15.1_009 but all UBE's submitted to AS/400 somehow get records written to F986113 (OneWorld subsystem) in wait status and never get executed!

Tried various combinations of troubleshooting without success - may need to go back to SP15 or try again with the next release of SP16xxx...

Anybody else seen this...or overlooking something?