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SP15 on B7332


Reputable Poster
Hi there!

Has any of you installed SP15 on B7332/NT/SQL?
Did you have a nice and happy end? Or just another horror story?
One of my accounts is suffering a lot with Dr.Watson (B7332/NT/SQL SP11.3)
and I'm thinking about upgrading it to SP15.
I've already tried to delete user-overrides (F98950), to add
[DB CACHE INFORMATION] section, rebuild packages, NT/SQL/WTS Service
Packs but nothing works.
Thanks ...

Sebastian Sajaroff

B7321 to Xe, W2K/NT, JAS, SQL, Interop, Citrix

B7321 to Xe, NT/W2K/SQL
JAS, Interoperability
Grupo ASSA - Application Software SA