SP15.1 trials and tribulations


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I haven't seen a thread on the successes of SP15.1, so I thought I'd start one and invite people to post their experiences... Good or Bad!

B733.2 HPUX Oracle 8.0.5

Steve Murphy
15.1 has been good for us so far. As far as know it did not create any new issues for us but solved a couple. There are still XE bugs that are not addressed/fixed yet - such as UTB being very unstable.


Larry Jones
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if you search the archives of JDElist over the last 2 months you'll find
atleast 40 posting related to SP15.1

I installed SP 15.1_009 last Tuesday night and by Wednesday night I had
updated 1 Enterprise server, 2 Terminal Servers and 200+ FAT Clients (thanks
to SMS) with Partial Packages. I haven't encountered any problems as of yet.
We run Payroll so I had to update some BSFN's for Vertex and that went fine.
Server package build logs actually look better than under SP13.1.

There were a few minor changes that were odd since SP's rarely affect
application functinality. Some application functionality actually changed
under this for A/P Cheques. No big deal, just one minor change in the
process we used to follow.

I haven't had any problems with UBE's security, etc. This SP did solve some
problems with Add to Cache errors, Development Tools (Send Message
Function), *BLANK in Row Security and an error on entry into A/R Invoice
Entry. If it weren't for this problems I would have stayed at SP13.1.

Overall, no we've had no problems with SP15.1 (yet)


Colin Dawes, MSc
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Check for thread with subject title 'SP 15.1' back in May.
One of the problems we have experienced since applying SP 15.1 is the inability to change user passwords except for overriding them as an Administrator. Whoops! I know of at least one other company experiencing the same problem. JDE does not believe it is a problem. If others are seeing the same results, please notify them so they will make the necessary corrections.

In our case, it´s been a nightmare.

We were on SP15.1 on a Sun server running B7331 using Oracle 8.0.5

It may be platform or release specific but we have a lot of problems in the routines that treat with decimals and currency fields on UBE´s.

These UBE´s, R09801, R099102 and R09706 had wrong decimal formatting and performed incorrect updates to the tables (Mostly R09801 to F0911).

Posting foreign invoices for a currency exhange rate of 166.386 made OW use 1663860000000000000, therefore leaving the CA ledger out of balance.

Posting JE´s left the GLPOST field updated only for 1 out of 10 lines, but F0902 was updated correctly.

We decided to roll back this SP and now everything works fine.

Good luck!

I saw your post and was concerned as we are upgrading production to XE/Sp15.1 this weekend.

We tested changing passwords from a regular user account (under SP15.1) and found that in fact users were able to change their passwords - as long as they didn't attempt to reuse an old password. Is this maybe what you ran into?

Larry Jones
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No, that was not the issue. When the user gets the "Your Password will expire in XX days...." message and clicks "Yes" to change it, they enter the old password, the new password and the verify it. They immediately get a "Could not load environment" message. If they log in with their old password and go through user tools to P98OWSEC and then to W98OWSECD, it appears as though it changes normally but the old password is retained in the file. This problem was logged on the KG by someone else under SAR#5264494. JDE had returned it but since then they have reopened the issue. No resolution yet, to my knowledge.

AS400, Xe, SP15.1
You need to check security... In order to give them password change ability
and not have the other security I gave them access to the application
P98OWSEC but took away all of the ones W98OWSECA - X and gave back security
on W98OWSECD... They need that form in order to change security on


OW Xe SP15.1
AS400 V4R5
email: [email protected]

Check the JDE.INI file on each workstation. It depends on what security you
have chosen but I have it set in Security to the security server. I use it
both ways and before I had the security server filled in I also had this
problem... all workstations need to be changed...

Hope this helps!


OW Xe SP15.1
AS400 V4R5
email: [email protected]
I just applied SP15.1. I have found no problems so far. Passwords can be changed.
The problem of not being able to read PDF files from a HTML clients was the main reason to apply the SP. It is fixed now.
Since we are not in production I did not use the multiple-foundation-sceme.
I found the instalation process for our JAVA machine somewhat clumsy.
I was wondering how to use the multiple-foundation-sceme for a JAVA server !?! I had to rebuild ALL serialized objects! Any ideas anybody?

Thanks, Gerd
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