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SP11.3 and Custom Paper Size


Reputable Poster
Hi there!

I've had a nice installation B7331 SP7.1 + SQL 7.0 SP2 MDAC 2.5 Hf851 +
C++6.0 SP3 + NT 4.0 SP6a running very well...
I decided to install SP 11.3 (it's the eighth time I do it) and a very
annoying bug appeared : all UBEs were converted to Letter paper size.
I had Letter, A4, Legal and Custom Paper Size UBEs reports; all of them
were suddenly transformed into Letter size.
I may solve it, checking out one by one my 200 reports, modifying its
paper definition, and checking them in again. But there have to be
shorter ways! Furthermore, it's first time this bug happens to me!
Did it happen to any of you? How could you solve it? (if possible)

Thank you friends!

Sebastian Sajaroff
Application Software SA