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SP 11.2 experiences


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B7332 SP 11.1 AS/400 V4R4/CO on NT

We are approaching our 'Go Live' and have found a problem in SP 11.1 which
we have had up for about 3 months. The problem is that only one conversion
program can run at a time. The other jobs go into a Semaphore or Mutex
wait. In talking to Response line they say this is a known problem in 11.1
and recommend that we go to 11.2. As we are approaching our go live date
we want to restrict the number/magnitude of changes we make at this time.

Has anyone installed 11.2 from 11.1 and what was your experience.


Tom Davidson

Responce line told us that SP11.2 was no longer avaliable, and that we need
to install SP11.3. Has anyone installed SP11.3?



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B7332 SP11.3 AS/400 V4R4 CO on AS/400

We were at 11.1 but went straight to 11.3 without a problem. I think if you
check the JDEList archive you will probably find some problems on 11.2. We
now have SP13, people on the list say that 13.1 is problematic and 13.2 is
due now. I am debating what to do as SP13 does start to give you some nice
admin stuff from XE. Decisions, decisions ...


Graham Jones
JDE Systems Manager
Park Group Plc.
(0151) 653 1700 ext 1109