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Something about BIP capability


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Dear all,

I'm new to this BIP. I have few queries below which I hope some of you out there able to share:

1) Printing of PO Header attachment once at first page for PO with many lines.
In ERW, we can control printing of PO header attachment once at first page and will not show this header attachment for subsequent pages if a PO is having many lines. I wonder whether this can be achieved for BIP. My gut feel this can be handled as well in BIP. Any advise how this can be done?

2) Printing of Approval names at every page near page footer.
Assuming i have 3 approved PO with different approval names. Each PO will have many lines and will need 3 pages to accomodate for each PO. When I submit PO print report for these 3 PO at one go, total 9 pages are expected. Page 1-3 will show Approval A & B on each page footer. Page 4-6 will print Approval M & N and Page 7-9 need to display Approval X, Y & Z. Again, ERW able to achieve that but not sure whether BIP can meet the similar requirements.

All comments and input on the above are much appreciated.




Yes, you can do what you're asking about in your first question. The BI Publisher RTF template is broken down in to multiple sections, but for simplicities sake, let's say there are three sections that you define: First Page Only, Last Page Only and Everything Else. In your case, you'll print the header information on the 'First Page Only' section. For question 2, you can print the approval names in the custom footer of all three sections. Don't mistake custom footer for the built-in Microsoft Word footer. Those header and footer objects don't work with BI Publisher.

Have a look at the attached example. I whipped it up pretty quickly by stripping out a template I put together, but you should get a pretty good idea of what I'm talking about. Look specifically at the yellow fields.


EDIT: Looks like my attachment didn't come through; I've reattached after adding it to a zip file.


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