Some functions does not work in Prod


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We have production environment and Custom environment. Since we can not do the testing in the production environment, so generally we first apply the ESU in the custom environment, do the user testing and then apply the ESUs in the production environment.
Recently we apply the ESUs 4116422, 4605023, 4605031, JD12225, JD7060, JD6823, JD6815, JD5400, JD12018 and JD5550 to the custom environment then did the user testing. after that we applied the same ESUs to the Production environment( Method of ESU application changed because of JD5550 ESU) and after that everything should work ok, but we are getting the errors using the application P0411, and the logs indicated the following BSFN failures: XT4311Z1A, XT4311Z1B.
Can somebody tell me why it is working in one environment and not in the second. we build full package in both cases and log files of the full packages show that the packages were build successfully.


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If both environments started out the same and then you applied the same
ESU's you should not have any problems. It's likely that a few objects are
out of sync or that you PROD packages are corrupt. Check the logs for the
PROD packages. In the Client & Server logs (make sure you buil full
packages) check to ensure that the number of spec records found equals the
number of spec records written. Also check the log directory under the
client package to see the BSFN CER logs.

Also, are you using FAT or thin clients? Where are your BSFN's executing?
From the ESU's you've installed I can tell that you're on B733.2 but what SP
(13.X, 15.X, 16.X?).

IF all else fails I would just pick up CRP (central objects, Deployment
server pathcode & enterprise server pathcode and drop it on PROD). I'd start
first with the deployment server and enterprise server. This should ensure
that your BSFN's are identical. If that doesn't work then copy Central
Objects - CRP to Central Objects - PROD.


Colin Dawes, MSc
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We will need - just a little more information... about your environment...

Are you B733.1, 2, 3 or XE? And which platform(s). These will make a
difference in determining any educated guessing (I think we'd all agree that
debugging in JDE terms is 'educated guessing'?)

If you are and XE shop - OMW could be your issue. On more times than we
could ever imagine, OMW has failed to promote the specs from one environment
to the next (oh, for the old days of manual labor). It could be a
painstaking adventure - but it might do well to have your CNC/type folk
re-promote objects - then verify EVERY transfer. Many times the Project
Status will promote - but the modified specs do not transfer to the
promoted-to environment... THIS IS A BIG HEADACHE.

[Special Note: - as a result of this issue, we now put a version identifier
(static text) on every custom form. This allows us to immediately identify
whether the object has promoted to the next level.]

GOOD Luck - and let us know a little more about your environment...

Daniel Bohner
JDE - XE & AS/400
JDE - B7331 & MS SQL 7x


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Re: RE: Some functions does not work in Prod

Hi Colin
I am pretty new to JDE. My first question is how to we verify that both environments are same ?
I have checked all the possible log directories, but I would like to know how to check that no of spec records found are equal to no of spec records.

Vivek Mohan
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