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Hi. Has anyone used the OW application, Snapshot? It's suppose to allow for more than one version of OW to be installed on a PC.

I heard at one time that it wasn't quite working. I'm wondering if it's still the case.


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C Ho,
Snapshot works fine on a workstation where you want to access 2
versions of OneWorld. However, you can only have 1 version open at a
time. Essentially what it does is saves off your JDE.ini and other
pertinent files so that you do not overwrite them when going from one
release to another. I have found it to be quite beneficial - although
setup can sometimes be tricky. It ships with OneWorld - just do a
search on your hard drive and you should find it. The KG has
documentation for how to implement.

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I use it (just on my PC) to switch from our production OneWorld to Xe demo

I had it installed on our developer's PC as well, but it somehow messed up
her registry settings. I don't know if it was Snapshot or just a fluke.
Anyway, it seems to work just fine for me.

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Yes, I use snapshot all the time and it works great as long as you do
everything correctly. What you need to do:

1. Go to x:\b7\system\bin32 and copy snapshot.exe to your desktop
2. Open snapshot and click the save new button, enter a meaningful snapshot
name (I like to do the name of the OW release that I'm saving: B733, B7332
etc.) and in the new folder name type \ and the name of the folder you want
it saved into, like B733, B7332, I put it in a folder with the same name as
my snapshot name.
3. Install the next release of OneWorld you want to run on your computer
4. Open snapshot and click the save new button and enter the name and
location. Now you will have two snapshots.
5. When you want to work in a particular release just open snapshot and
highlight your snapshot name and click restore.
6. When you're done working in that release open snapshot and click save new
(it should remember the name and location from the last time you did it)
then highlight the other snapshot and click restore.

-Run snapshot and save your current OW release you are working in before you
install the other release.
-Before you try to save a new snapshot make sure you are logged out of
OneWorld and that you aren't accessing anything jde related, log files, pdf
files, etc. I've even had to close windows explorer before it would save.
-Remember to save new before you restore.
-You must be a local admin of the machine to use snapshot.
-Something else I like to do is rename my OneWorld Explorer icons so I can
tell them apart and I don't try to log into the wrong release.
-If you ever accidentally do things out of order and get the following error
message: obsolete jde.ini file, you need to go to the snapshot directory on
your hard drive of the release you're trying to log into and copy the
jde.ini file to the \winnt folder. This should let you log in, close OW and
do a save new again.

There is also a document on the Knowledge Garden, even though it's not that
clear: oti-99-0067

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C Ho

We used snapshot very successfully to switch between our live 7331 system and our test Xe system.
We followed the guidelines laid out by JDE and it worked well.
Step 1 - Copy Snapshot to B7 directory and we also set up a shortcut on the desktop.
Step 2 - Using snapshot create a snapshot of your current OneWorld.
(This will copy your existing One World installation. We used as snapshot name B7331 and directory \B7331).
Step 3 - Deploy your new system. This will recreate the B7 directory structure.
Step 4 - Using snapshot create a snapshot of this installation. (We used name Xe and directory \Xe).

Using snapshot from the desktop we were able to save and restore these snapshots as we pleased.

Hope this helps.

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Snapshot is ok - but...
you have to have admin-rights on your workstation and you have to copy
snapshot.exe to another location (e.g. C:\) we are using it at several sites
without problems
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