SMTP 8.0 24.1.x/400 Authentication


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As we move forward in all other aspects of our business not named JDE out of the time of the Flintstones, our AS400 when it goes to perform SMTP transactions is dropping the domain and failing on the domain check to initiate sending a messages. Our older smtp services work just fine without a qualified domain in the MAIL FROM field, but the newer - rightfully - requires it.

The INI does contain the properly qualified [email protected] for Rule3, but it seemingly has always dropped the @WHEREVER.COM on the call. Our wintel boxes are all okay and properly authenticate with the qualified domain name - it's only the AS400 that does not. Has anyone seen this before? Does anyone know if the domain value is provided elsewhere? I can't find much out there beyond the original SMTP setup info, so I'm wondering if there's some 400 specific setting that our ops team may be missing.

If anyone has any ideas, they would be welcomed and appreciated.
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