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Hi List,

I know JDE is famous for its smoke and mirror, behind the scenes processing, but I have been surprised by what I have seen today. I tried to use table i/o to enter a record with just the basic key information to F43199, and whooaooaoaaaaa - all the file fields were filled in for me!

I assume there are triggers somewhere, but I cannot find them - can there be triggers attached to tables which we cannot see through the design tools? Or anyone seen this before?


Tom Brown


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I don't know what version of JDE you are running, but in XE go into OMW and
hit the design button for a table. Under Design Tools you have a Build Table
Triggers button.

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Christian Audet

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I went into the table trigger for this table and I'm not able to see any trigger on it.

My second thought was "default value" from the data dictionnary, but again I went into the data dictionnary for a lot of field from F43199 and there is no default value.

I don't have any other idea, maybe to help us a little more, can you give a sample code that you have to populate this table.

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Is it possible that you attempted to re-write a key combination that already
existed? A good way to verify this would be to look at the audit fields
(USER, JOBN, PID, UPMJ, UPMT). What date and time was the record last
touched? Is the user ID in USER yours?


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Hi Tom,
Your issue seems to me very strange. Please provide us with some more information.

1.) First of all we are all curious to your OW version and SP level (at least!).
2.) Do you mean "enter a record" as using Insert Table I/O statement in ER Designer?
3.) HAve you mapped really only the index fields (basic key fields, as you mentioned)?
4.) Where did you issued the supposed Insert (FDA, RDA, BSFN, etc.)?
5.) Where did you issued the supposed Insert, in a custom object or in a standards OW object?
6.) Do you use (or does the standard OW object use) any something like EditLine BSFN call somewhere for the record in the near where you used the Insert?
7.) Really were ALL the fields populated or just SOME?
8.) :))) Have you checked that haven't your record existed previously in the table????

I detected, there is only a Currency trigger on the mentioned table (at least on my version), which can populate some amount fields based on other populated fields but NOT ALL fields.

Would you please check your table triggers. Maybe your version (ESU, ASU, Update, PaperFix, etc.) could be later in this relation, so could contain some defaulting logic for the table?

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