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slow UBE performance


Well Known Member
Hello experts :)

Running into an issue, would be great to get your thoughts.

We are on 9.0 tools, Win28KR2 boxes with SQL 2008R2 backend. Like any good install, we have two boxes, one for batch, the other for logic/security.

Issue: We have some UBE' that are taking upto four hours to complete with submitted to that batch server. The same exact UBE, when submitted to the logic/security server, it runs in one hour.

Both boxes are identical in hardware, they are not VM's. The have virtually the same RAM, one is 28GB, the other is 24Gb - both connected to the same switch with the rest of its cousins, the database and web servers. Full and update packages are always built for both boxes, no inconsistency between the two.

I've checked the network card setting,s both boxes are set to 1gigabit connection.

Using server manager, I've compared both boxes, virtually no difference in their configuration.

Just ONE area I thought 'may' be an issue, not sure if both boxes are patched with windows updates evenly but I'll get them equal by tomorrow.

I was suggested to set the 'locked pages in memory' setting for the service account so the OS won't go to the swap file.

Lastly, in checking the performance indicators on the batch server, the CPU hasn't peaked beyond 30% during the past 10 days and the memory hasn't peaked beyond 12GB.

any clues ???

thanks for your time.


VIP Member
Have you tried clearing the UBE Cache folder under the spec folder on the problem server ?

Comapred the ODBC driver settings on both servers ?

Is this UBE more DB / IO intensive or CPU intensive ?

Anyway you can run the UBE in debug on both servers to compare the logs to see where the difference is (use performance workbench). Run it for a smaller subset of data if possible since debug will only make it run longer than it already is.


Well Known Member
Thank you for your feedback.

1) Anti-virus. We don't run it with real time scanning on all the jde boxes. It is set to scan on a schedule on a weekly basis.

2) I have cleared the runtime cache and ubeoverride folders under the 'spec' folder on the slow server.

I'm currently looking into the odbc driver, I expect it to be the same.


VIP Member
Any errors in the UBE log when running on the slow server ?

A debug run on both servers and a quick analysis using performance workbench should tell you where the difference in time is.

Is this a "Report" , i.e just reading data , or is it a "Batch job" that does updates too ?


Reputable Poster
Looks like a network issue. Try this: Copy a large file (about 200 Mg in size) to/from the batch server to your database server and measure the time. Run the same test from your logic server. This should tell you if there is a discrepancy in network speeds between these servers.


Hey CNCJay,

this is now a couple years ago, but did you found a solution for your problem? We are facing a similiar issue.

Best regards,