Slow Pkg Builds


We had our deployment server hit in early January with the Fun Love virus
(came from our Dublin office). Norton utilities picked up on the virus and
quarantined quite a few files. Once we felt the server was clean, we began
checking it for issues. We found that full package builds went from 6-8
hours up to 18-22 hours. Tried a number of things to identify problem and
restore performance--network cards, network sniffing, cabling, and reloaded
all software.

Virus hit again a week ago and ended up tearing down the box and reloading
all software from O/S to OW. Build performance didn't return. Asked system
services to investigate and said they saw a little packet duplication up and
down the network line but nothing significant. Replaced interface cards
again. Then, someone had a brainstorm...Norton had been configured to sniff
the network line for viruses. The task manager was showing little to no
activity on the processors. Checked Norton and found it was almost stopping
any processing on the box and bottlenecking everything we were trying to
build. Reconfigured Norton and built a full package in 5h 15m.

Deployment server configuration for development: Quad Xeon 800Mhz Intel, 2GB
of memory, 60GB HD. NT, Oracle 8i, and backed up on a Hitachi Powderhorn.
Overall system: 12 servers with same configuration as above, 4 Citrix boxes.
OneWorld Xe, SP13...SP14.2 scheduled for next week, Update 1 scheduled for
2nd week in March

David Hursh
Denver IT-Change Management
(303) 462-6000 Ext. 46939

Pager email: [email protected] <mailto:[email protected]>
Wow David!

Thanks for sharing that! We just installed XE and saw our full package build time shoot from approx 8 hours to 18 hours+

No other changes have occurred on the server so we thought it was just another JDE "enhancement".

We'll change our Norton Aniti-Virus to just check program files to see if this is an issue.

Thanks again for the heads up!

Larry Jones
[email protected]
OneWorld B733.1, SP 11.3
HPUX 11, Oracle SE 8.1.6
SandBox: OneWorld XE