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Simple question (I believe):

Recently, I found a JDE document that explains how to setup Sleeper to autostart under a specially prepared secofr profile. Our sleeper setup was defined before my time here and it is setup to run under a secofr profile. What bugs me is this: this secofr profile is defined so with *PUBLIC being granted *USE authority to the profile. I've been told it was because of sleeper that this was defined this way.

Could someone please tell me if it is necessary for the SLEEPER profile to have *PUBLIC granted *USE authority and why?

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Xe SP15.1, AS400 V4R5, CO-Oracle806, Co-A73c12, Citrix, NT JAS
We have *PUBLIC with *EXCLUDE authority to the Sleeper profile and use it
extensively without any problems.
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I setup a profile and defined Sleeper according to the document and things seem to be going fine. I have to assume it was a non-sleeper related reason that these profiles have *PUBLIC *USE.

Thanx for your response.

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Xe SP15.1, AS400 V4R5, CO-Oracle806, Co-A73c12, Citrix, NT JAS

Most sites I have worked with either create a special profile (often
"SLEEPER" with password expired and disabled) grouped under QSECOFR and use
this only for starting SLEEPER (ie create a submit job nominating the dummy
user profile in the SBMJOB command). Or, they change the source for the
SLEEPER start CLP and comment out the check for user authority. The only
reason for having QSECOFR is to enable proper execution of some JDE
Technical jobs eg Disk Catalogue and some others. Suggest you refer to the
Tech Reference Guide and any HELP text associated with SLEEPER programs.

Hope this helps.

Regards...... Colin HUGILL

Colin Hugill
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We have set things up essentially how Colin has suggested without any problems for many years.

World A7.3 11 (quite stable and usually happy)
Attempting CO with Xe, AS/400, SP14.2 V4R5 (not happy)