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Skipping Address Book Numbers


Our Address book skips numbers randomly. This has been the case since B7321
and continues today on B7332 sp 11.3 In a hundred number group ( 32100 -
32200 ) it will skip 30-50 numbers. Sometimes it skips 1 number and
sometimes it's 10. Back in B7321 we identified several strange reasons when
this occurred, like every time the Sales order group clicked on the OK
button to accept an order.

Is anyone else still having this issue?

B7332 sp 11.3
AS400, SQL7


Do you have Check Digit turned on in your Next number setup for Address book
numbers? If so the address book numbers would not appear to be assigned


VIP Member
Re: RE: Skipping Address Book Numbers

There is a document in KG/Knowledge Broker/OneWorld/Financials/Address Book where it addresses this issue.

Yes, Check Digit is not checked




C Ho
Intermediate Programmer/Analyst
B7322 SP 12.4
AS/400 coexistant with SQL Server 7.0
Sandbox: Xe AS/400 coexistant with CO on SQL 7.0
Yes, we are having this problem big time. My guess is that there are several
people with access to the address book and each person captures a block of
numbers. However, we're still looking into this problem.