SK/OK Multifacility Planning


I am having some issues when running R3483 in generating OK order messages rather than OT messages. When I run, it generates OT orders (this is the default order type on multifacility tab). I have other planning families setup running the same version of R3483 and it does generate OK order messages. I have pored over all item/branch settings and branch/plant relationships and can not find anything pointing to an obvious problem. I don't think AAI's are an issue because we are able to manually create SK/OK orders for the item and branch/plants in question. I read that branch level codes can sometimes be to blame (in R3403T), but I verified that the demand plant has a higher level than the supply plant.

E1 8.10


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Just a few points to verify:

1. Verify the data selection of R3483. You may use the P3403T with a single MPS family, but must include all MPS families for both branches selected, if they are different.
2. Verify there are no low-level code problems with these items, all branch plants may not be not in sync. Recommend running Integrity Analysis (R30601).
3. The Low Level Code (LLX) is different in one Branch Plant from another Branch Plant record for the same item. LLX should be the same in every Branch Plant for any specific item.


rsvconsulting, thanks for the reply.

1. When running R3483, I include all Planning Codes (MPST) and all Business Units (MCU); both the supply plant and demand plant are included in this definition.
2. I ran R30601 and it found no errors.
3. I verified the LLX on F4102 for the items in question, and the codes match across all Branch/Plants.

I reran R3483 again and am still generating OT orders rather than the desired OK orders.