Single Threaded UBEs


Hello List,

I am having trouble with certain UBEs (the R42800 and the R42656 amongst others)which when run on the server process correctly and go to a 'DONE' status. However they are actually still running on the server preventing any further UBEs from processing. The UBEs submitted after this happens sit in a "In Queue" status in the Submitted Jobs screen.

Although we are able to kill the process once its finished through Unix and allow the others to process this is obviously not a long term solution.

I have looked on the knowledge garden and JDE recommend setting up multiple thread batch queues and single thread batch queues to resolve this issue. However, even when I ran these UBEs on one of our single thread queues the same thing happened.

Has anyone had any experience of this and have any advice to resolve it?



OneWorld B7332 SP11
Oracle 8.1.6
HP-Unix b.11.0

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