Simplified Upgrade - the facts


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A lot of customers seem to still be confused with the term "simplified upgrade".

Heres a couple of facts :

1. "simplified upgrade" is only going to be an option if you are a 9.0.2 or 9.1 customer upgrading to 9.2
2. A "simplified upgrade" is anything but. If you are a customer with EXTENSIVE modifications to standard JDE objects, and are a LARGE customer, then the "simplified upgrade" process might save you some time in retrofit phase with a lot of extra technical CNC work ahead of the upgrade process. However, if you are a TYPICAL (or vanilla) customer, you'll be wanting to do a "Traditional Upgrade". Per Oracle - less than 5% of 9.0.2 or 9.1 customers are valid for the "simplified upgrade" process.
3. If you are on B7333 (Xe), B7334 (8.0), 8.12, 9.0 - then you are going to do a "Traditional Upgrade" to 9.2
4. If you are on 8.9, 8.10 or 8.11 - then you will need to perform a "Traditional Upgrade" to 9.1 and then a "Traditional Upgrade" to 9.2

Want to reduce the time of the specification merges in your upgrade ? Purchase Boomerang from Everest Software (email me to get details on this). That way, you can perform a fresh installation of 9.2, and then perform a "Data-Only upgrade" after you use Boomerang to migrate your objects across. For each hop, Boomerang saves about 40-50 hours of Technical CNC time and ensures that your upgrade is clean. For a double-hop upgrade, using Boomerang is a no-brainer. This is about as "simple" as an upgrade can be.

I'm sure others will chime in on this. I'm working on my 4th Upgrade to 9.2, and every single time I get asked about the "simplified upgrade" process. I really wish they hadn't named it that, but instead called it the "convoluted upgrade" process.....!
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