E9.1 Simplified Upgrade? 9.1 to 9.2


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Has anyone performed a Simplified or Technical Upgrade from 9.1 to 9.2? If so, do you have a highlight of key details that you can share. Or if we can discuss your upgrade approach and results, timeline for completion, etc. Thank you, Al M. ([email protected])


Hi, we are about to perform a technical upgrade from to

Here is the approach we are taking:

1Database Backups - DBA will help to take the back ups
2Take deployment server backup of complete JDE directory, registry backup and JDE.INI backup
3Take backup of enterprise (Complete JDE directory, JDE.INI) and web server (JAS.INI, JDBJ.INI)
4Download Tools Release setups for Deployment Server, Enterprise Server, and WebServer and Server manager server by change assistance utility or update center.( based on Internet Speed & Firewall Settings)
5Upgrade Local Database & Database client from to which is supported on the latest Tools Release.
- Exporting Data from an Oracle 11g Local Database
- Deinstalling the Oracle 11g Local Database
- Install Oracle 12c as the Local Database on the Deployment Server
- Importing Data into the Oracle 12c Local Database
6OUI Upgrade needs to be done on the deployment Server
7Install Visual Studio 2017 redistributables (both 32-bit and 64-bit)
8Install Change Assistant
9Multifoundation setup on Enterprise Server and Deployment Server.
10Install Server Manager with the latest TL
11Install SM Agent on Deployment Server and Register the Deployment Server
12Install SM Agent on Enterprise Server and Register the Enterprise Server
13Upgrade the Tools Release using Server Manager Console on DS and ES
14Install the latest 9.1 Planner ESU
15Install the Tools Enhancement ESU & ASI for Tools Release
16Apply Special Instructions for all the ESUs
17Build and Deploy the Full Package for all the environments one by one
18Install latest Web logic 12c ,Server Manager Agent and Create new JAS & AIS Instances for DV ,PY
19Apply the Latest Tools Release for DV , PY JAS & AIS Instances
20CNC Testing(OCM Mapping Validation, Data Souce Validation,Environments Validation,Media ojects,
Active X Settings , Security Validation ,System Testing)
21For Deployment/Troubleshooting/Monitoring while - Review/Surface level/Detail Testing(During Functional Testing)
22Installing Fat Clients with the Latest Tools Release on 3 machines

Then after doing the above steps in our test environment, we would undertake about two weeks user acceptance testing in each functional area mainly to get power users familiar with the new interface as it is unlikely users will find any introduced bugs.

The main reason we are choosing is to make it easier to do orchestrations and to have Microsoft Edge support.


Hi Paul, Does your approach include upgrading not only the tools release, but dies it include upgrading to release 9.2 application layer? We need that update to resume Premier Support. Thank you, AL
Hi Al, Sorry I misread your original question. No it doesn't include upgrading Applications layer to 9.2, just a tools only upgrade.