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Side by Side Listing


I have a client who's legacy Non-E1 Payables Check/Stub format is 3 sections, on 8x11 blank sheet. First (Top) section is stub information, with line items 1 - 10 printing down left-hand side, and lines 11 - 20 printing down right-hand side. Second (Middle) section then prints the actual check, with third (Final) section then repeating the Top stub information. I am not real strong in BIP, so asking is this formatting possible, and if so, could you help me out with how to do it? Thank you for any input.

Line 1 Line 11
Line 2 Line 12
Line 3 Line 13
Line 4 Line 14
Line 5 Line 15
Line 6 Line 16
Line 7 Line 17
Line 8 Line 18
Line 9 Line 19
Line 10 Line 20


Repeat Top Section


Abhishek Chhajer

Well Known Member
It is definitely possible. We will need to add custom grouping parameters in custom R04572.
The challenge I see will be fitting stub left and right in 8*11.



Thanks Abhishek,

JDELIST removed the formatting I attempted to display. The stub only displays a total of 8 columns, 4 columns on each side, Inv#, Date, Amount, and Discount.

So if I understand you, to accomplish this, the R04572 ube would need to be customized? BIP cannot format the standard R04572 to the desired format?

Abhishek Chhajer

Well Known Member
You can attach screenshot using attach button.
In my understanding, Using standard R04572 it cannot be achieved. But we should not worry about the same. If it is 4 columns on both side it is definitely doable.

Standard provide for configuration of Custom R04572 such that it will not impact any standard process of automatic payment.