Shrinking a colour logo causes coloured lines above and below printed logo

Cathy Wilbur

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We have the same multi-coloured logo at the top and the bottom of a page.

We have logo one size at top of document and a smaller size at bottom of document.

The logo was provided in EPS format so I converted it in PNG format then put it in the document.
I also tested leaving it in EPS format and putting it in the document.

In both cases the shrunk logo at bottom of the page prints a blue colour above and below the logo.

When I look at the logo in Createform and in print preview both logos at the bottom and the top of the page look fine.

But when we go to print the page from the PDF document the multi-coloured logo at the bottom of the page prints with a blue halo around it.
If I preview it I do not see any colour around it.

It I print this same PDF document in black and white it prints fine.

Only happens when document is printed from PDF. Any ideas what is causing this problem.
Hi Cathy,

Test out the EPS file to see if there is an issue with the vector based graphic. Load the file into powerpoint and ungroup the image. If there is a rogue blue halo it will show up when you dissemble the image. Of course, if you have Illustrator you can open it there and you'll see the entirety of the image.


If I have the wording in a colour of blue then the blue colouring bleeds into the logo when printed. If I have the wording in a colour of black then when document is printed there is no bleeding of the colours into the logo. We take the documents and publish them into one PDF within Createform. We then email the PDF to be printed. You do not see the bleeding in the PDF just when I print. Will try what you suggested. I am attaching the bottom half of the document from the PDF.


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I took this original JPeg Logo then shrunk it to 25% of original size.
I then took the Jpeg that was 25% of original size then pulled it into my Createform designer form as a subform.
Createform Designer created an EPS file of this smaller jpeg file.
I have the same subform logo at the top of the document and the bottom of the document.
The logo is scaled at .45 at the top and as .33 at the bottom.

The logo at the top prints without an issue.
The logo at the bottom prints with blue lines bleeding across the logo.
If I change the blue writing next to the logo at the bottom to black colour then the coloured logo prints perfectly with no blue bleeding across the logo.
This only happens when the document is printed.

I pulled the EPS file into Powerpoint and tried to ungroup but it says it is not grouped. I did not see any blue marks.

I send all the receipts via email as one large electronic PDF document.
If EPS is too large I cannot email the attached file because the PDF blows our maximum size limit for PDF's so I had to shrink the logo so I was under the size limit.
I also had to shrink the logo so it was usable in Createform Designer.
Also shrunk logo so resulting EPS file that gets pulled twiice into document is not too large. EPS size is still 215kb.

Not sure where to go from here.

So I attached my original logo and my logo shrunk to 25% which was shrunk in PAINT.
Cannot attach my EPS file because that file type is not allowed.


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When I pull my Logo into PowerPoint then ungroup my EPS logo this is what I see - see attached.


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The group at our company that defines our commercial logos has a logo in EPS format that is 579KB. I told them that is too large so I asked them to shrink the commercial logo by 50% then save it in EPS format. The size of the file went from 579KB to 1099. I also asked the logo group to take the EPS and shrink it to 30%. When they did that the logo size went to 1082KB.

What I did was pull this colour logo file directly into my common project.

I then pulled this EPS logo into the project and it appears as black in Createform Designer but when the project is actually printed the logo has the EPS file printing the logo with sharp chrisp colours. But logo is too big. How should I be using this EPS logo they provided to me so I can use it to create another EPS file in Createform Designer. If I convert the EPS file to JPEG or PNG then I loose the crispness/sharpness of the logo.

Any advise is much appreciated. See attached showing footer with logo and text beside it. We shrink this logo and the text is quite a ways from logo subform. If this text is blue then I get a blue colouring or halo around the logo when printed. If I change this blue text to red or black or some other colour then this halo does not show. The bolding of the text is an issue as well.


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I know your frustration. We have been through a number of rebranding tasks in previous years.

The last one caused issues similar to what you are experiencing. Firstly the file the marketing team provided was too big - If I remember correctly, C!f couldn't create the EPS file. In the finish I resized and saved it in a different format using Paint and used C!f to create the EPS file - success this time. But when I put it in the form design it was far too big. I used the scaling feature for the designer object and was able to get the right size, with reasonable clarity when it was printed.