show warning message (Reserved by

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when user match voucher than show warning message (Reserved can i remove this message in jd edwards enterprise one 8.1.please reply me as soon as possible


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The user reservation can be removed via P00095 Record Reservation. However, you must ensure that user.xx does not actually have the record locked, ie; in use. If the record is not in use it was likely locked due to an invalid exit from the screen or app and the user reservation was then not removed from the table.

I have a UBE that clears the table each night under the assumption that if no users are on the system no records should be locked.


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As a side note - this is standard JDE functionality so if you did a bit of "looking" or searched the documentation you would have found the answer yourself - likely well before someone answered on the forum. In future it would be best on your part to do this prior to posting a "someone fix my problem right now" post.


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Babs, whilst that's true, it does no harm to ask.
Reply to help or don't?

Tip for the OP:
When I first encountered this problem, I looked at the error message ID, then printed the code and looked as to why that message would pop up.

I then looked at the BSFN that created the message. Saw F00095 being looked at.

I then looked at the XREF to check for APPL screens that use that F00095 table.