Should I run the Asset Account Balance Close before closing the fiscal year?



I didn't find a thread with this question, so I posted it here.

A user questioned me about the possibility of running the processes involving Asset Account Balance Close program (R12825) before running the processes of Annual Close program (R098201).

I heard by a consultant that it shouldn't be done. Is it correct?

Once you have run the final depreciation you can run the annual close program to close fixed assets any time before or after you close the general ledger. The Fixed Asset manual explains all.
I would recommend you close the Accounting Period for the year prior to running either / both the Asset Account Balance Close (R12825) and the GL Annual Close (R098201). This will prevent anyone from entering / posting to the prior year, assuming PBCO is not checked in GL Constants. Then it doesn't really matter which of the two closes you do first.